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" If you hate the "DM or WhatsApp us for Prices", then you'll love Oyaapp. Simple, fast, efficient. Booking a tour or an event should'nt take 20 phone calls, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp messages etc. Find your trip, choose your date, pay and enjoy your trip"

Oya Group Ltd is an ICT company that leverages on technology to provide a seamless and frictionless booking options for travellers across Africa.  Oyaapp was founded in 2018 ( but started operations in 2020) to explore and disrupt how the industry works and sells travel, leisure, events and holiday homes. Our vision is to transform the industry using technology to empower stakeholders to match modern traveller demands and to compete more effectively.

Oya Group Ltd relies on technology and innovation to connect vendors to travellers and buyers at a fraction of the cost but with enhanced efficiency. Our talented and diverse team works deligently and plays harder to craft creative solutions, superior support and world-class service. 

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